Royal Butler Reveals Prince Philip’s Nickname for the Queen as He Says They Were Like ‘Yin and Yang’

The passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s husband of over 70 years, has left “a huge void” in Her Majesty’s life, their third child Prince Andrew said earlier.

According to former royal butler Paul Burrell, who served as the Queen’s personal footman back in the seventies, Prince Philip and Her Majesty were “the perfect couple”, complementing each other like “Yin and Yang”.

“He was there to break the ice, to make the gags, to be funny because the Queen couldn’t do that as head of state and head of church,” Burrell told Natalie Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch from 7News’ Sunrise programme on Tuesday.

“But she let him do it and she just rolled her eyes and used to say ‘well that’s Philip, isn’t it’.”

Burrell believes that the Queen has “lost the captain of her ship” with her husband’s passing and will probably feel rather lonely now.

“I’ve been thinking about her sleeping at Windsor in her tower, in her bedroom, and looking at the dressing room door in the corner of her room and thinking ‘he’s never going to come through that door again’,” the former royal butler suggested.

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