Cuomo’s ‘NY Tough’ Slogan on Albany Skyscraper Turns Into ‘NY Touch’ in Apparent Shot at NY Governor

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has encountered multiple accusations of sexual harassment from several women, including ex-employees of his administration. Facing backlash and calls for resignation, he continues to deny the accusations.

New York’s slogan “NY Tough” that is usually displayed on an Albany skyscraper appeared to have been changed to “NY touch” briefly on Saturday, according to a photo tweeted by News 10 reporter Trishna Begam.

“A different message tonight on the Corning Tower in Albany as seen from the News10 parking lot around 8pm”, she captioned the tweet, posting a photo showing “NY touch” illuminated on the building, with a shape of a heart lower.

According to the reporter, the lines were changed back to “NY Tough” – the Cuomo administration’s slogan, adopted during the raging coronavirus pandemic, around 8:24 p.m., local time.