Can BoJo’s Charm Offensive ‘Project Love’ Save the UK Amid Tensions With Scotland, NI and Wales?

Three UK territorial secretaries in charge of relations with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have weighed in on what it will take to keep the Union from falling apart at the seams amid growing tensions and spiraling nationalist sentiments.

The United Kingdom is facing growing challenges to the Union, claim experts, amid Scotland’s angling for a second shot at independence, simmering loyalist tensions in Northern Ireland over the Irish Sea border post-Brexit, and rising nationalist sentiments in Wales.

Forceful sanguinity and injections of cash could be part of the “Project Love” approach the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will opt for in dealing with the fast-growing pressures that threaten the union, suggests Alister Jack, the UK’s secretary of state for Scotland.

He was interviewed by Politico along with two other territorial secretaries tasked with handling relations with the devolved governments in the three nations.

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